Why Aldon Baker Uses The 4ARM STRONG

Why Aldon Baker Uses The 4ARM STRONG

April 03, 2019

Aldon Baker Is The World's Best Motocross Trainer. He Trusts The 4ARM STRONG To Make Better Riders.


If you race motocross or even just ride recreationally, you’ve probably heard of Aldon Baker. Originally a national champion mountain biker from South Africa, Aldon has spent the last 20 years training the top athletes on the AMA Supercross Tour and Lucas Oil’s motocross tour, dirt bike racing’s top-level race championships. But if you’ve never heard of Aldon, you’ve certainly heard of his athletes: Rickey Carmichael, James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, and many more. These guys are practically household names.

Between 2000 and 2017, Aldon Baker trained 13 of the 17 supercross champions and 12 of the 18 outdoor motocross champions. The guy is a legend of the sport. His training facility, known as “Baker’s Factory,” has become somewhat of a mecca for super pros and aspiring talent across all disciplines in offroad motorcycle racing. This facility and Aldon’s methods train champions because of his total approach to training. Success in motocross is more than just time on the bike. It’s also cardio, weight lifting, nutrition, and a whole lot of work almost 24-7. If the New England Patriots have TB12, motocross racing has Aldon and Baker’s Factory.

Given the technicality, science, and pedigree behind Aldon’s training, it shouldn’t surprise you that the 4ARM STRONG Device is one of its key components. The 4ARM STRONG is the absolute best product on the market for preventing arm pump and increasing grip strength.  Aldon uses the 4ARM STRONG with every rider that comes through the door at Baker’s Factory. Arm Pump is a nemesis of everyone that hops on a dirt bike. To combat arm pump, Aldon Baker trusts the 4ARM STRONG.

We sat down with Aldon to get a glimpse into his program and learn more about how and why he uses the 4ARM STRONG.

Why do you use the 4ARM STRONG?

Ask anyone that rides or races, you mention arm pump and they know about it. They’ve experienced their arm tightening up during a ride, they’ve lost feeling in their hands, or they’ve completely lost their strength and had to come off the track.

The thing about arm pump is that it varies from athlete to athlete. There’s no real identifiable process to getting arm pump. The more you ride, the less likely you are to get it. But drop a seasoned pro rider into a super technical track after a bit of time off, and they’re just as likely to get arm pump as a weekend warrior.

The 4ARM STRONG has a unique ability to target the root cause of arm pump. It creates space in the forearm to allow more blood to build in the muscles during activity, and it opens up the pathways for blood flow. It helps the rider create a really thoughtful warm up before riding. The physical benefits of the device, paired with the routine really help my riders perform better.

How does the 4 Arm Strong help moto riders?

As I said, there’s a routine element too it. It’s an easy device to get in a habit of using, especially to warm up for your day on the bike. And, when you do use it, you feel it immediately.

I bought one of those grip strength testers to test the before and after use. It’s amazing, you can see it. You use the 4ARM STRONG and you automatically improve your grip strength.

As a result, you can go have a much more productive day of riding. If a rider is skeptical of the 4ARM STRONG, I have them test it. I run them through the exercises, and they’re almost always like,  “is this thing really gonna help me?” It only takes a few laps before they say something like, “it definitely helps."


How do you integrate the 4ARM STRONG into your rigorous training?

My program consists of many, many areas. We work on cardio. We work on technique. We train the upper body. We train legs. But I don’t care how much you train or do laps if you get arm pump, you’re gonna have a hard time. So we train for arm pump too, in part, with the 4ARM STRONG Device, because arm pump can ruin your whole day. It’s critical to have that understanding. It’s critical to know how to deal with it when it happens, and how to properly warm up using the 4ARM STRONG.

But listen, I keep the 4ARM STRONG Device in the cupboard. I don’t say, “hey guys, now it’s time to use the 4ARM STRONG.” I introduce the product early, but then the riders go and grab them and use them on their own. Most have integrated it into their training and pre-race routine. If I took them all away, I’d have an issue. They all want to use it.

How might the average rider improve their riding or use the 4ARM STRONG?

Firstly, to be a better rider, you have to do more riding. But I think it’s super important to utilize every tool at your disposal, including the 4ARM STRONG, to make the most of your weekend riding. When I design training programs, I always start with a simple question, “How much time do you have to devote to motocross in your day?”

If it’s an hour a day, it’s an hour a day. If it’s a half hour a day, it’s a half hour a day. It’s totally personal, and I try to do the best with what you have at your disposal. You’re gonna have to figure out how to integrate cardio and strength training into that window, mix and match and maybe squeeze in an extra day of riding. Then you’re gonna have to think about nutrition and recovery. But you can always warm up with the 4ARM STRONG or use it before you go to bed. If I only rode on the weekends, I’d be using this thing almost every day.

I’d certainly recommend using the device before you get on the track. A lot of my guys do it on the way to the track. Someone will be driving, and they’ll be doing their exercises. That’s kinda what’s great about the 4ARM STRONG Device, you can kinda do it while you’re chillin’.

Thoughts from other 4ARM STRONG believers.

James Hanson | Global Motocross Manager - Rockstar Energy


Broc Glover | 6-Time AMA Pro Motocross National Champion


Joe Musgrove | MLB Pitcher - 4 World Series Game Appearances

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