How to Increase Grip Strength

How to Increase Grip Strength

April 02, 2019

Increase grip strength fast without causing arm pump. 

If you ask former pro motocross racer and ARM STRONG founder Lee Ramage why 4ARM STRONG exists, he’d say it’s because of its ability to increase grip strength. He built a prototype and was actively using it to help motocross riders and other high-level athletes reduce and prevent arm pump, but he still wasn’t 100% sure he should start a company. Then he had a hunch based on little more than some feedback of the initial users who said they “just felt stronger” on their bikes after using the device.

To prove this hunch, Ramage purchased a hand dynamometer (a grip-strength tester) and tested himself before using the 4ARM STRONG Device pulling about 101 lbs on the instrument. He told himself, “if the 4ARM STRONG helps me increase my grip strength right now, I’ll order a production run and start a company.”

After using the 4ARM STRONG and running through the stretching routine, he used the dynamometer again and pulled 140 lbs, a 40% increase on the spot. Not only was Lee seeing his users eliminate their nagging arm pump, but now he was seeing an incredible boost in overall grip strength without the help of any traditional resistance-based hand squeezers or grip trainers.

This was huge for his initial motorcycle user group as this grip strength came without the added arm pump caused by resistance-based grip trainers. It was revolutionary and had so many applications beyond motorsports including mountain biking, climbing, golf, tennis, weight lifting, ju jitsu, and so much more.

After that experience, the 4ARM STRONG company was officially born to sell the 4ARM STRONG Device, a totally unique product that could prevent arm pump AND increase grip strength all with one simple stretching routine.

Does the 4ARM STRONG really work to increase grip strength?

Yes, it does.

Champion motocross trainer Aldon Baker uses the 4ARM STRONG on all of his athletes including some of the biggest names in the sport like Ryan Dungey, Robbie Maddison, Blake Baggett, Chad Reed, Aaron Plessinger and more, largely because of the device’s unique ability to increase grip strength. Because arm pump is so harmful to motocross racers, traditional grip strengthening tools aren’t usable in the discipline due to the threat of arm pump. Aldon prefers the 4ARM STRONG, and he’s repeated the exact same dynamometer test Lee performed countless times with countless athletes. The 4ARM STRONG Device increases grip strength without causing crippling arm pump. It’s the perfect tool for motocross racers.

Those same properties of the 4ARM STRONG, increased grip strength without arm pump, make it the perfect training tool for countless other disciplines as well. Crossfit athletes have achieved PR’s with help from the 4ARM STRONG, ninja warriors like Jessie Graff use the 4ARM STRONG before a competition, and champion Ju Jitsu competitors use the 4ARM STRONG. This device can help any athlete increase grip strength through targeted stretching and improved forearm function.

Why is it Better Than Traditional Grip Strengtheners?

Traditional grip strengthening devices (like a hand squeezer or stress ball) use resistance training to build strength. Resistance training causes arm pump (i.e. muscle pump). While muscle pump is important for building muscle, it's absolutely crippling to grip strength when it's in the forearms. Once your arm is pumped out, it's over. No more deadlifts. No more pull-ups. No more climbing.

The 4ARM STRONG device doesn't rely on resistance training to increase grip strength, rather it focuses on improving the overall function of your forearm muscles through stretching and effects similar to active release techniques. Your grip is mostly handled by the muscles of your forearms, and when these muscles are primed for maximum performance, your grip strength increases.

We've seen countless top-level athletes increase their grip strength through a proper warmup with the 4ARM STRONG DEVICE. And because it's used during warm-up, the 4ARM STRONG improves your grip strength AND prepares you for an overall better workout. 

How Does the 4ARM STRONG Increase Grip Strength?

The secret to the 4ARM STRONG Device is in its ability to amplify the effects of the forearm stretch by pinning the forearm muscles in their shortest, most relaxed state while you stretch. The tension the 4ARM STRONG can add to the stretch helps create space in the fascia and forearm compartment and it elongates and loosens your muscles before activity. The effects of using the 4ARM STRONG are similar to those achieved by Active Release Techniques therapists, which makes sense as 4ARM Founder, Lee Ramage is a trained ART therapist. Using the 4ARM STRONG is like adding lubricant to your forearm and your hand. A well-oiled machine just runs better.

From grip strength, a whole host of other health benefits are possible. A 2015 study published in the American Journal For Preventative Medicine of 4,200 adults over a 4-5 year period found that higher handgrip strength was linked to lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides (fat in the blood), lower blood sugar, and higher HDL (good) cholesterol. This only adds to the extensive research on the correlation of grip strength and positive health outcomes including lower risks of hypertension and diabetes, lower risks of early death, and an overall healthier heart.

While an increase to grip strength is a very real benefit of the 4ARM STRONG, it’s also the perfect complement to maintaining an overall healthier life.

How to Use the 4ARM STRONG to Increase Grip Strength?

Users of the device will find it most beneficial to use the 4ARM STRONG Device immediately before an activity to see the maximum increases to grip strength. It’s the warm-up that gets your forearm, wrist, and hand functioning at their top level before you grab the barbell, the throttle, or the sharp end of that next rock climbing route.

Aaron Plessinger uses the 4ARM Strong.

Champion motocross trainer Aldon Baker has his athletes use the 4ARM Strong right before they line up for the start of a race. Rock climbers like Sasha Digiulian use it between routes. Weightlifters and CrossFit athletes should start their daily workout with the 4ARM STRONG Device. Even manual laborers and craftsmen might consider using the 4ARM STRONG before going to work.

Using the 4ARM STRONG is a simple stretching routine. Place the device over one of the key muscle groups on the lower part of your forearm. Tighten the nob and do a sustained forearm stretch for about 20-30 seconds. Release, rest, tighten the nob a little more and stretch again for about 20-30 seconds. Repeat this cycle in three to four spots on the lower forearm as outlined in our instruction document to experience the full benefits of the 4ARM STRONG Device.

This routine and the increased grip strength it provides offers incredible enhancements to any workout or activity. It’s even worth using the 4ARM STRONG Device on off days as preventative maintenance for arm pump and elbow injuries and grip strength maintenance.

Other Training Benefits of the 4ARM STRONG

While increasing grip strength and decreasing arm pump are the primary benefits of using the 4ARM STRONG Device. Users of the device have also experienced an overall decrease in elbow pain and fatigue and an overall increase in forearm function in multiple disciplines. 

Dr. Robert Duvall, Senior Medical Advisor to the Titleist Performance Institute, has used the device to treat Golfer’s Elbow. Major League pitchers like Joe Musgrove of the Huston Astros uses the device to warm up before throwing and says it helps him cut out “20-25 throws every day” allowing him to have better success later into the MLB season. People on heavy weight training regimens can use the device to reduce the incidence of elbow injuries. The 4ARM STRONG Device is a powerful tool for any athlete at any level in almost any sport.

Try it today risk-free to see if it will help you reach the next level of performance or improve that nagging elbow or arm injury, thanks to our 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.


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