The Secret to Preventing Arm Pump

The Secret to Preventing Arm Pump

April 02, 2019

Arm Pump: What Is it? How Do You Prevent It?

At 4ARM STRONG, our background is in motorsports because arm pump is a massive problem when you ride a motorcycle. There isn’t a motocross or supercross racer that hasn’t been affected by arm pump. It’s a near-universal problem facing everyone from weekend riders to professional supercross athletes. However, arm pump is not limited to moto sports. Pretty much anyone participating in grip-intensive and/or repetitive manual sports or professions can experience arm pump. Rock climbers and mountain bikers often experience arm pump. It’s also something that can affect laborers or even the average person who has taken up a heavy weekend of household projects. If you’re using your hands for strenuous, grip-intensive activities, you can experience arm pump and its debilitating effects that include loss of grip strength, soreness, and fatigue.

What is Arm Pump?

In its simplest terms, arm pump is just muscle pump in your forearms. That same feeling you get in your chest after cranking out a set or two on the bench press is the cause of all arm pump and resulting forearm pain and weakness. When a muscle gets used, our bodies naturally flood it with blood to protect it under the stress of that use. As the muscle gets flooded with blood, it expands to the point that it strains against the muscle fascia, a thin and incredibly strong connective tissue that stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles, resulting in that “pumped” feeling. When your forearms get pumped, you immediately feel the effects which can include a dramatic decrease in grip strength, overall loss of forearm function, and soreness and fatigue. Arm pump can be a day-ender for motocross riders, mountain bikers, climbers, and more.

How Do You Prevent Arm Pump?

The root cause of arm pump is the lack of space in your forearm compartment and fascia. It’s a problem that affects everyone differently, but no matter what your relative level of strength or training, once your muscle expands to fill the space in your forearm compartment, you will experience arm pump. The only 100% guaranteed way to help reduce and prevent arm pump is to increase the amount of space inside the forearm fascia and forearm muscle compartment.

One way to increase the space inside your forearm is through myofascial release through  active release technique therapy. With this method, you spend several sessions with an ART therapist to target the fascia in your forearms. Active Release Technique is one of the inspirations behind the 4Arm STRONG Device. 4ARM STRONG founder Lee Ramage is a trained Active Release Technique therapist and ex-motocross racer. After completing his ART training he found himself treating several top motocross racers through his Active Release Techniques practice. These racers immediately saw results when Ramage worked with them over weeks of therapy.

Using the 4ARM STRONG to Prevent Arm Pump.

While Ramage knew ART therapy worked to stop arm pump, he recognized that most people could not afford the cost of regular access to an Active Release Technique therapist to fix the problem. Borrowing many of the concepts in ART therapy, he began to develop a tool that could apply the necessary pressure on fascia tissue that would allow people to self administer a stretching and therapy routine that would create similar results to Active Release Technique.

The 4ARM STRONG Device is the result of that development. It’s patented design allows the user to pin the forearm muscles in their shortest position then administer a forearm stretch against that pin. The device is angled in a manner that pushes the muscles in the opposite direction of the stretch, thus the forearm stretch becomes much more effective and the fascia surrounding the forearm muscles expand from the stretch.

4Arm Strong Device for Arm Pump

When used correctly at regular intervals of 3 to 5 times per week, the 4ARM STRONG can significantly reduce the effects of arm pump. It’s a simple, preventative step you can take before your training, or it’s something you can do on the couch at the end of the day. Additionally, the 4ARM STRONG is incredibly effective at improving your performance immediately before your grip-intensive activity. Use the 4ARM STRONG before you rack up for that multi-pitch climb or before you throw your leg over the bike, and you’ll immediately notice its effects.

How To Use The 4ARM STRONG?

The 4ARM STRONG is an easy-to-use self-therapy device. By running through a series of stretches with the device you will see dramatic decreases in arm pump and increases in grip strength. Using the device to prevent arm pump requires you to position the device in a specific spot on your forearm and apply a 20-30 second forearm stretch. Then you tighten the device slightly and apply another 20-30 second stretch. This process is repeated for four unique spots on your forearm effectively targeting every key muscle and fascia group in your forearm with the therapy, increasing the space in your forearm compartment, and reducing the #1 cause of arm pump. Watch our full video for more information. 

Regular use of the 4ARM STRONG as a preventative therapy and immediately before you partake in your grip- and arm-intensive sport or activity will dramatically increase your performance. Several top-level supercross athletes including Blake Baggett and Justin Barcia use the 4ARM STRONG right before they pull up to the starting line.

The 4ARM STRONG is most effective when used as a preventative measure and immediately before activity, we do not recommend using the device while you are currently experiencing arm pump. If you are actively experiencing arm pump, it’s best to rest, massage, and/or ice your forearms until the arm pump subsides before using the device.

4ARM STRONG as an Alternative to Fasciotomy Surgery

If you google around enough for solutions to prevent arm pump, you’ll eventually find information on arm pump surgery. Many athletes, especially in motocross have undergone a fasciotomy on their forearms. This surgery increases the space in the forearm muscle compartment through a small incision in the forearm fascia allowing the forearm muscle to expand more when it’s filled with blood. A fasciotomy procedure treats arm pump in the exact same way as the 4ARM STRONG Device, by creating more space in the forearm compartment, but in a much more invasive, surgical manner.

For this reason, the 4ARM STRONG should absolutely be used before undergoing arm pump surgery. In many cases, the 4ARM STRONG can completely eliminate the effects of arm pump without the need for expensive and invasive surgery like a fasciotomy.

Who Has Used the 4ARM STRONG to Arm Pump?

The 4ARM STRONG Device has helped prevent arm pump for countless athletes across disciplines. Dozens of the world’s top motocross and supercross riders use the device before every race. Aldon Baker, one of the world’s leading moto trainers has fully integrated the 4ARM STRONG Device into his programs. “This is the first thing my riders use before they throw their leg over the bike,” he says.

Additionally, top pro climbers Daniel Woods, and Sasha DiGuilian swear by the 4ARM STRONG to help them climb at a higher level. The 4ARM STRONG Device has helped major league pitchers, bowlers, ninja warriors, jiu-jitsu athletes, and more prevent arm pump. It’s an effective, affordable, self-therapy solution to preventing arm pump you’ve been looking for. Read all of our testimonials for more.

Say Goodbye to Arm Pump at No Risk to You.

Developed by former professional motocross rider and Active Therapy Techniques therapist Lee Ramage, the 4ARM STRONG Device is the answer to help prevent arm pump. It uses concepts from proven therapies to target the #1 cause of arm pump, lack of space in the muscle fascia of the forearm. By creating extra space in the fascia, the 4ARM STRONG allows for improved forearm function and increased grip strength. It can also help relieve elbow pain caused by ailments like golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow simply through the regular targeted and tensioned stretching routines done in the comfort of your own home or integrated into your training without the need of expensive therapists. We’re so confident in the 4ARM STRONG device we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on the product. Try the 4ARM STRONG today. If you don’t see results after a few weeks of regular use, send it back and we’ll refund the full cost of your purchase.

Order you 4ARM STRONG Device Today.


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